Connect.With.Dots Coaching

For personal growth seekers curious to understand yourself like never before, while creating deeper connections with those you care about.

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Discover why you think and act the way you do...

Personal Growth

Discover your unique communication style (your DOTS) and how they colour ALL of your conversations. Unlock your natural strengths, hidden talents, and what really drives you.

Create Deeper Connections

Be heard and understood while developing the skill to connect effortlessly with those you care about. Enjoy less misunderstandings, more clarity in all of your relationships.

Stress-Free Living

Discover what naturally stresses you, and how to de-stress more easily. Learn about the different stress triggers and swap conflict for calmness to enjoy stress-free living.

Meet your coach

Melissa Grainger

The founder of Inspire Affect: Personal and Team Development, and DOTS Communication Coach, Melissa is dedicated to the development of each and every person who she coaches. Melissa has been coaching for 9 years and having been a senior Communications Manager in a large organisation, she's witnessed firsthand the transformative power of great communication.

"For me, the real magic happens when we can communicate effectively with anyone we meet, not just the people we naturally get along with. Understanding and being understood, responding in a way that resonates with others – these abilities give people real superpowers for connection."

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